Transferable Skills for Cybersecurity Career

You’ve been looking for that Cloud Security Architect for a while, haven’t you? It’s no secret that the demand for cybersecurity talent is completely enveloping the supply, but more so, there is a genuine acute shortage of advanced cybersecurity skills. It’s a simple fact that there just aren’t enough experienced cyber professionals and the ones that are available all drink in the same talent pool local. It’s a war for talent and it’s not the recruiter’s fault, they’re just looking in the wrong place, and by the wrong place I mean not under your nose.

51% of organisations believe the shortage of skills is now becoming problematic. With 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity roles by the end of 2021, rather than just pay the topic lip service NDK has designed a solution that will bridge the gap and allow the industry to thrive in a post-covid world. It involves us assessing your current workforce to find those rare skillsets that will mould the perfect cybersecurity prodigy.

The benefits of advancing your cybersecurity A-team in-house is the fact that they know your company values and will quickly learn how to interpret cybersecurity influence into them. Not to mention how easier it will be to adapt any security changes to suit the evolution of your business strategy. This isn’t a Frankenstein build, the benefits of using this method of talent acquisition are incredibly strong. They know the business, they are already influenced by the culture and they will have the ability, attitude, and competencies to become a convincing addition. It’s a win-win situation.

Your cyber team should be bringing more to the table than core functional skills but understanding security basics is key as organisations are increasingly adopting new technologies daily. Those that have a core understanding can typically learn the rest if given the right platform. The secret is in the technical knowledge; if they’re coming from a general IT, engineering, compliance, or another tech discipline then you can easily lay the foundations to create an incredibly strong cyber career.

We have crafted a transferable skills matrix that is broken down into three main categories, highlighting desirable, non-traditional skillsets for each of Cyber Engineering, Cyber Operations and GRC. Armed with business acumen, an enthusiastic attitude, digital technology competence, and of course a little common sense you can revolutionise your cybersecurity function whilst building a loyal work culture at a significantly low cost.

Get in touch with us to see our transferable skills matrix and how it can find you that Cloud Security Architect needle in your organisation’s haystack.


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