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Who better to educate the next generation of cyber talent than the individuals who work with the cyber security elite on a daily basis? NDK offer the intro, we have the network and knowledge to help scale your skillset and mould the perfect cyber security career.

As a professional wanting to further your career, we can load you with the information and connections that will give you the best chance of breaking into a cyber security future. As a business, we can provide you with the forerunners, the leading, next generation of talent that will shape the future of your industry. It’s a win-win.


NDK cyber advocates have enjoyed an incredibly exciting career so far. Browse our videos to hear about their journey into cyber, a day in the life and what advice they would give you, wanting to explore a career in cyber.
Sue Humphreys, Cyber Security
SMBC Group
Sumitra Rao, Director, Security Consultancy
London Stock Exchange Group


The average salary in the US is $90,508 p/a
The cyber security workforce is almost 3 million, and a growth of 145% is needed in the industry to close the skills gap.
Cyber security roles will boast the highest percentage of growth than any other occupation, up to 37% by 2028.

Information Security analyst is one of the seven fastest-growing tech jobs, with a projected growth of 28% through to 2026 


As the world increasingly ramps up its defensive measures against cyber threats, it’s critical to the fabric of any modern-day business that the next generation of talent is educated on the transferable skills that could land them a career in the cyber world.

Cyber Security keeps on evolving, just as the rest of the tech world does. This means, new roles are always emerging, and old roles are evolving to accommodate a world that inhabits a consistent turnover of new skillsets. A great cyber security professional realises that now more than ever data breaches show no sign of slowing down therefore, the learning never stops.

our top 3 cyber career myths

  • You have to have cybersecurity qualification to explore a cyber career.
  • Your existing skills won’t be useful.
  • Big technology companies offer the best jobs.
  • As cyber-attacks are becoming a lot more creative, hackers are becoming more business-like in their approach. This means the industry is more aware of how having the same types of talent within it can stagnate its success. There are a significant number of qualifications that are globally recognised but not directly correlated with Cyber Security.
  • Because of the increasing skills gap within cyber security, the industry is now having a more in-depth look at different avenues of talent. Companies are now taking candidates who may not have a security background but have a passion for the sector a lot more seriously. After all, you can learn technique, but not character.

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  • 43% of cyber-crimes target small businesses. There is a wealth of available jobs at small tech-based companies that offer competitive salaries and benefits. More importantly, they offer opportunity to move away from the cog theory and make a big impact on company cyber policy.


We can help you identify the next generation of cyber security professionals, the individuals who can adapt and mould their skillset to suit the growing cyber field. We connect with secondary education, red brick universities and academic networks to educate and identify the talent that have a prosperous future in tech.

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