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Our culture not only supports but celebrates the differences that make each of us unique. We understand that everyone has different drivers, it could be the learning and development opportunities, the cheque at the end of the month, or for a select few the longer lunch break at the gym.

We get it, we have created a culture that’s built on the foundations of loyalty and stability. That’s why we offer a range of different incentives and benefits that suit everyone. From higher fees and higher earnings to flexible working and mental wellbeing days.

  • Equity
  • New modern offices
  • Infrastructure
  • Team holidays
  • Flexible working
  • Lunch Clubs
  • Mental wellbeing days
  • Award-winning training


We spend every day harnessing new technologies that are revolutionising careers. Connecting forerunners with opportunities that play a pivotal part in building the future of cyber. What binds us is our collective mindset, and that is to make ourselves and each other better, every day.


It’s our values that define who we are as an employer.

To represent the best, you have to be the best - it takes one to know one, right? We are more than just an award-winning business; we are building a team that will catapult our position as the go-to cyber talent partner. Join us on our journey.
  • we are TENACIOUS

    As new technologies are always advancing, so are we. As a business we are persistent in the pursuit of learning, we understand our market and we analyse its trends. We are the experts, and we pride ourselves on always offering more.
  • to always be HONEST

    We believe it’s important to intensely care about the service you give to clients and candidates, but it’s equally as important to care about company success. We take pride in every honest conversation we have.
  • SIMPLICITY is key

    Within every problem lies opportunity. We always ensure simplicity and a smooth process in the eyes of not only our partners but you, representing NDK.

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