Online dating and recruitment, what's the difference?

You know it's time for a change; you've got a feeling, and you've been pondering all types of possibilities but searching for the right match has taken a while. The first meeting went ok; compatibility is a worry, but hopefully the spark will ignite when you meet again. It's a lot of effort; you know reaching outside of your comfort zone will pay dividends in the long run. You've been burned in the past, but you now know your worth and won't settle for less. 


You've been stalking their socials and exchanging emails for quite a while now, but your feelings are confirmed when the sides of your mouth unintentionally start to reach for your ears when you see the latest subject name: 'Final Stage interview'.


We're talking about job hunting. What did you think we were talking about? 


Looking for your next role draws eye-opening comparisons to online dating because you want to find the perfect match, a goal that's ultimately shared by both situations. If your online dating game is strong and you're matching with more people than your fingers can swipe, it may be time to transfer those skills into finding a new job.


1) Perfecting your profile:

Is precisely like writing your CV; it's a window into you. Writing your CV can be just as tedious as perfecting your online profile, you weigh up the things to put in, and the things to definitely leave out. You're eager to learn but not too keen because, god forbid, you don't want to wave the red flag! You want to come across as confident but, please, not too confident. 


What does your potential match want to see in your profile?


•          The right culture fit, interests and shared goals

•          Successful past relationships

•          Approachable

•          Skilled

•          Has exciting hobbies that you may introduce them to

•          Self-assured, someone who they can see will thrive in their social group 


2) Are you punching?

Being behind a keyboard has the ability to release a certain level of serotonin that gifts you the confidence to approach someone who is more than likely (note: definitely) out of your league. What have you got to lose? It could work out, and if you get rejected, just close the tab and act as if nothing happened. This is exactly the same when applying for a role; if you don't meet the criteria, as long as you can prove you will add significant value and big up your other skills, then it's worth taking the punt and getting on their radar early.


3) There's no avoiding the ghost

Let's talk about ghosting. The scariest trend in online dating, and now recruitment. A behaviour defined by cutting off all communication suddenly and without explanation, leaving the other party to wonder what happened. The advice is the same in both situations, you probably aren't the right fit, move on to a better opportunity (or you can repeat step 2, until you get lucky).


4) The Interview

Finding your dream partner is like finding your dream job, getting to know the person before committing is the best course of action. You match with someone, strike up a conversation, and find that it seems more like an interview than a conversation. If the role has been live for an extended period, the employer has more than likely interviewed countless individuals who just aren't the right fit for the position. Do you get where we are going here?


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