Protect Your Data: How to Hire the Right Security Engineer

Today’s digital world is filled with security threats of all sorts. If your security infrastructure is weak, you must stay ready for your business app to be breached, your IoT devices to be hacked, your network to be invaded, and much more. 

Simply put, hackers are getting more advanced by the day, and you have to do everything you can to stay a step ahead of them.

That’s why you’d need to hire the perfect security engineer for your company. But considering that the amount of rising talent in this field isn’t sufficient, you may end up with someone who’s not right for you, especially if you aren’t careful. 


1. Offer more than what your competitors are offering 

As said earlier, there are not enough experienced security engineers to meet the demands of every company. So, while you’re reading this post, your competitor is probably strategizing to hire the person you’d have hired otherwise.  That’s why you need to conduct extensive compensation research before even putting out your job listings. 

Professionals will be attracted to your listings, if and only if, what you offer is substantially more compelling than what your competitors are offering. 


2. Offer a career path 

Many companies would be offering high salaries to professional security engineers — how do you set yourself apart? 

One of the ways to do that is by offering a solid career path.  You can start promoting this aspect of your company as early as during the interview phase. You can say that the position you’re offering isn’t stagnant, but it’s the first step on a series of positions that they’d climb going forward. 

This perk will attract the professionals towards you by offering a long-term career path, where they’d be able to progress with every passing year. 


3. Consider hackers and gamers 

As you probably know, cybersecurity is a field of creativity. Even if a candidate has all the necessary degrees and GPAs, they may not be the right fit for your position. Instead, a teen game cracker working from their basement might be a better fit. 

Hence, you may offer your position to ethical hackers and gamers who’ve had a history in this field. There’s a good chance such candidates can help your company think as a criminal hacker would, helping you take precautions to prevent attacks before they happen. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, this field is run by experienced — but creative — individuals who know how to think outside the box. So, you also need to think outside the box to find someone who can fulfil your needs. If you're currently looking for security engineers, or you're expanding your cybersecurity team please get in touch.



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