Top Cybersecurity Jobs in 2022

You don’t need us to tell you that cybersecurity jobs are in burning demand these days. 


With the rising number of digital threats and booming security standards, we know more than anyone else, companies are doing everything they can to build their digital fortresses, hire and safeguard their data. 


A cybersecurity hires take 20% longer than other IT jobs. And at the same time, they’re around 16% more rewarding too. 

It’s a creative career ideal for people who can think outside the box and develop innovative solutions tailored to their employer company. 


In this post, we talk about the top cybersecurity positions you should be aiming for in 2022. These positions are destined to be rewarding in the short- and long-term alike. 

Top Cybersecurity Jobs in 2022

1. Information Security Analyst 

One of the major reasons any company hires in the cybersecurity space is to prevent their data from being stolen or lost — and that’s where an information security analyst steps in. 


As an information security analyst, your job would be to help the company secure its computer network systems. 


To do that, you have to take on a number of tasks. For instance, you’re obliged to regularly inspect the networks and systems for any data breaches. When something happens, you are to document and report it ASAP. Furthermore, you research various security trends and help the company keep up with them. 

On average, this position could earn you around $99k per year. Plus, it’s a solid entry point in the wider field of cybersecurity. 


2. Security Systems Administrator 


After you’ve gained experience as an analyst, you can get promoted to the role of a Security Systems Administrator. 

In this role, your job is to take charge of administering the overall security infrastructure of the company’s systems and networks. You’d be regularly inspecting the systems, managing different user permissions, documenting security procedures, participating in security audits, and other similar stuff. 

As a security systems administrator, you can get paid around $108k per year. 


3. Security Engineer


If you have taken a college degree in security engineering and have prior experience as an information security analyst, you can work as a security engineer. 

In this position, you design security infrastructures to safeguard the company’s each and every digital asset, including systems, networks, data, information, and others. 


Your day-to-day tasks might include developing and deploying security standards, recommending changes & upgrades to the existing systems, testing the security infrastructure, and other similar tasks.


You can expect to get paid around $111k per year for this job. 


4. Security Architect 


It’s one of the highest-paid jobs in the cybersecurity niche and requires a solid understanding of this field. Prior experience as a security engineer will help you secure this job easier.

As a security architect, your job is to keep the company ahead of every possible security threat. You have to keep an eagle’s eye on every rising threat, understand the trends, make predictions, and do anything else in your power to stay ahead of security threats. 

If you land this job, you can expect to get paid more than $150k+ per year. 

By landing one of the jobs above, you can essentially secure a rewarding career that also gives you compelling opportunities for the future. 


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