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A well-known European bank opened a New York Branch and needed an experienced Information security officer to head up their Cyber Security team in the US.

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    ISO to final stage
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    new hire record time
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    bespoke onboarding system


This was at the height of the pandemic and the position was completely remote, meaning all sourcing, screening, interview process, hiring and onboarding was done completely remotely. Therefore, we had to ensure our pre-screen and shortlist was even more bespoke and detailed than ever. The wrong hire could be detrimental and costly to the new branch.


Initially, the bank originally tried to find their Critical Hire themselves but failed to do so due to the fact the individual had to understand European Legislation Governance and Controls. We wanted to create a plan of action that ensured maximum efficiency; therefore we used our AI and tech stack to eliminate the manual tasks that came with the usual recruitment process.

Once we took to market and created a long list of ideal candidates within the desired location, we used a discreet headhunting approach to contact each person and generate interest and/or referrals. Each candidate we had to make sure possessed the correct knowledge of European Legislation Governance and Controls. From this, we created the shortlist and implemented our tech stack to streamline the process. Due to the extent of the knowledge the individual had, our tech stack and candidate tracking systems allowed us the time to focus on the method and approach in generating interest and attracting the perfect candidates.

As the client used our Critical Hire product, this ensured that our AI recruiting video platform used biometric and psychometric testing to calculate the quality of the applicant against the skills needed, but also the voice feature, pace of speech and energy when being pre-screened. All of which are exceptionally important in an information Security Officer, particularly one that was to work completely remotely.

Once the final stages were booked, we worked on the onboarding process. We worked one on one with the bank, designed and executed a complete 6-week onboarding process which allowed us to create a training programme, and the bank to streamline their future onboarding in a covid world.


3 information security officers made it to the final stage.

Completely the hire in record time, after a year-long search from other recruiters and the bank in-house.

Created a bespoke onboarding solution for a remote workforce for the bank.

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