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As part of an internal growth expansion, a Global Manufacturing Giant wanted to further prevent, detect, and manage their cyber threats by using a Cyber Security Analyst to identify and employ technologies and future processes. They needed someone with a niche skillset, in the USA who has worked at a competing business, which is why we chose the ‘Critical Hire’ product.

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    Cyber Security Analysts Hired
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    New Record
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    % Cost Savings


As they were one of the biggest Global Manufacturing Giants, finding someone of their desired experience from a competitor of the same size/bigger was a challenge. They had previously tried to recruit for this position themselves and struggled with the initial talent pool/mapping the right candidates.


We first worked directly with the Head of Talent in order to create a grade A ‘candidate profile’. This not only allowed us a benchmark of skillsets, niche expertise and experience, but it also gave us the opportunity to identify who would fit company culture, filtered down to hobbies, interests, communication preferences and sense of humour. This pinpointed exact accuracy within our market mapping technique.

Working on one critical hire meant we could create bespoke marketing documents that was unique to the ‘candidate profile’ using this in to push our social advertising campaigns. We then took to market, mapping competitors, CV stripping ensuring we put exact accuracy on our market mapping technique.

We then used our AI and video interviewing platforms to prescreen and create a grade A only shortlist. This allowed the first line US Directors immediate cloud access to all the candidates that were shortlisted, to refer back to.

We also create an onboarding plan for the critical hire, ensuring their first three months at the business were successful.


Hired 2 Cyber Security Analysts
Placed within record time
Saved a substantial amount of company time and money.

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