3 Successful Ways We Are Revolutionising The Talent Search

It’s no secret that Artificial Intelligence is working its way into the recruiting method of almost all forward-thinking talent agencies. Time is money, and with an ever-expanding skills gap in Cyber Security, a good recruiter’s time is worth its weight in gold. On average a recruiter spends 13 hours sourcing candidates for one role; with the advancement of technology comes with it the opportunity to surpass the menial tasks that unfortunately come with finding the perfect hire.

At NDK we have spent the past 15 years building a network of Cyber Security experts, the people who are taking the future of the industry to new levels. This, of course, means we have an enormous amount of data to analyse when it comes to working on a niche, ‘critical hire’ project, in comes our investment in the latest AI and machine knowledge software, it allows us to review data to characterise the ideal candidate in literally, a matter of seconds.

Identifying Passive Talent.

NDK predominantly work by headhunting the passive market from your direct competition. We source and present cybersecurity candidates that no other talent agency can, it’s a feat we have worked incredibly hard on. One of the most lucrative ways in which we do this is incorporating our AI and machine learning platforms to tap into a wider talent pool of sourcing not just from career websites, but social media platforms, online cyber platforms and more. We prioritise experience but also transferable skillsets that would often go unnoticed.


Video Interview Pre-screen.

Gone are the days you take a punt and hire on a hunch. Given the fact there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, taking a gamble on your Cyber Security team isn’t feasible anymore. With our video pre-screening process, we use psychometric testing to calculate the quality of the candidates answers to our questions, but also how they present themselves, their energy, voice features, confidence, facial and body language. As the client, everyone presented on the shortlist will also have their video and results available. Ensuring you the perfect match.


Company Culture.

Admittedly, it has taken a bit of a hit during the pandemic. Asking your co-workers about their goals and sharing excitement about a project doesn’t quite have the same effect when you’re all working from your spare bedroom with a dodgy internet connection. Therefore, it’s important when hiring for your team, furthering the company culture is a high priority as it plots the blueprints for a thriving business as well as boosting employee engagement, retention and overall job satisfaction.

We use AI to discover the most excellent fit by creating a profile for every single individual that is shortlisted. This includes their values, goals, career aspirations and their involvement in social causes. Matching this with your current company culture will mean there are no culture teething issues when onboarding.


The cherry on top of the perfect hire is the NDK human touch. We give our valuable data to a plethora of platforms and expect payment in the form of a personal touch. As humans, we are conditioned to now expect a certain level of personalisation to every journey we take, whether that be online or offline and it’s the same with our candidates. Our experts are ensuring every step of our recruitment process is personally tailored. Whether it’s communicating daily with our candidates to taking late-night calls for interview preparation and onboarding. We build relationships not placements.

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