future proof cyber talent

Innovative yet niche, global yet ever-evolving

Alongside our tried and tested research methods, we use data insights to uncover a unique talent pool of cyber pioneers. We consult, we strategise, we build, but most importantly we get it. We will help you to attract the innovators that are shaping the future of cyber.


Permanent talent solutions
  • identwise
    Identify, engage and retain mission critical hire
  • protectwise
    4 or more cyber professionals with similar skill set
  • detectwise
    For 20+ cyber hires annually
Contract talent solutions
  • respondwise
    The best-in-class cyber security contract hires
  • recoverwise
    Outcome based package of work
  • growwise
    In-house outsource model for SMEs


You can learn technique, but not character.

We uncover the right role for you by integrating your personality and niche skillset within the DNA of your future business, one that is disrupting the cyber landscape to create the perfect partnership.
Since 2004, NDK tech has worked with exclusive brands that are dominating the technology space, building teams for unique, worldwide projects and assisting the market's expanding reliance on unique tech and data talent.

THe next generation

Who better to educate the next generation of cyber talent than the individuals who work with the cyber security elite on a daily basis?

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